Changing connection pool settings from Configuration Tool does not get applied


I am trying to customize the advanced database settings from Outsystems Configuration Tool. We are on platform version 11 with use of Oracle as database provider. My purpose is to change the settings for the connection pool:

After saving these customized settings I apply and exit the Configuration Tool and reinstall the latest version of Service Center. I have also executed a solution publish of the systems components. Anyway, the new connection pool settings do not get applied as I can see from session monitoring in the related Oracle database.

Do I miss something to activate these settings?

Thanks for helping me out, Oscar

Hi Oscar

in the solution which you created with all module, instead of publish do an "Apply Setting" 

Hi Noun,

Thanks for responding to my question!

I've tried your suggestion straight away but unfortunately I still see much more sessions created in the Oracle database then allowed by my customized setting for Max Pool Size

Hi Noun, 

Thanks for the documentation. What is still unclear to me is how I can trigger Outsystems to really use the applied configuration. The new settings are not used after applying.

Best, Oscar

Hi Oscar, you need to use the apply setting , connection pool is per module as per this documentation. so if you have 10 module with one server and you configure maxconnection to 100. max number of connections will be 10*100=1000

That part I understand, I've multiplied the number of servers with the number of application pools (which are  holding the modules creating the sessions). But even then I got more sessions on certain application pools compared to the configuration of max pool size. 

Then better open a support case with all you logs and ask the support to look at the issue. it should be working if you apply setting 

Maybe my assumption is not right, rather then counting per application pool I should count per module within the application pool.

number of db connections could reach up to = #of modules* #of servers * #of max pool

10 modules with 2 servers and 100 max pool means you can reach up to 10*2*100=2000 connections

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