Using Case Management Framework in multitenant application

Can we use case management framework(Case Management API, extended group entity etc.) when developing a multitenant application?

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Yes it is possible. You have to map the tenant ID with the users who are associated with the use cases. Basically You have to design your Entity Diagram in a way so that you can map with your tenant Ids. 

Thank you for your reply. 

I have another question. I generated a workflow application from the Workflow Builder and made it multi-tenant.

The application is using "GroupExtended" entity to link workflow groups (*) that can be commonly used in all tenants and groups that are created in each tenant.

【"GroupExtended" Entity】

*Workflow groups are defined in static entity "GroupExtendedConfiguration2", and will be assigned a role to execute human activities in workflow processes.

【GroupExtendedConfiguration2 Entity】

I wanted to create groups that correspond to the 4 common workflow groups (Administrator/Approver/BPO/Requester) in each tenant, so I tried a bootstrap action using "GroupExtended_CreatOrUpdate" while switching tenants. However, " GroupExtended_CreateOrUpdate" action in the second round of the loop received the error message below.  

【Bootstrap Action when published】

【Error message on GroupExtended_CreateOrUpdate in second round of the loop】

What I want to do is to add another 4 records of the different Tenant_Id and the same Id (ex. Tenant_Id = "21", Id="27608090-3578-43cf-8818-3d758756cbec", GroupId = "5")  in the entity below. What should I do to achieve this?

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