Case Status Update


I have an application built on case management frame work (basically we started building it from work flow builder).

I want to allow users to change statuses regardless of actions.

I made a dropdown where you can select the desired status and then action with case status update. 

For some reason when choosing a status I get the error - Status is not vaild for the status set.

 I checked and indeed the statuses are linked to case definition. 

I will note that I do not want it to create another task when the status is updated, but will only update the status of the task.


Hello Tamara, 

When using case management framework, you should set up your app to work with the Case Management framework, and only then define your case status on CaseStatusConfiguration static entity.

Please give a look at Case status (on case management framework) documentation, it helped me a lot.

After doing all the steps, you should be able to change your case status easily.

Hope it helps!

Hi Tomas,

I tried your advice but unfortunately still when I use this action I get the same error.

I can transfer statuses from closing activity (Case_CloseActivity) but not through status update action (Case_UpdateStatus).

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