Pop Up Editor (with no title & close icon) - want to get rid of the close (X) icon


I would like to ask a question about pop up from the rich widgets module.

It is a popup that has no title and a close icon in the right top corner, you can see here:

Can you please help me figure out how can I get rid of the (x) icon please??

Thank you,



Hi Kamila,

In the Popup_Editor, you will have to set the HideCloseButton property value to True as shown below.

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

In this case I am not using the pop up editor. I am clicking an invisible button and opening a screen that has a layout of a popup, so option HideCloseButton is not available to me.

Sorry Kamila Treszczotko , I am not clear about your requirement. If you could share your oml file, it would have been clearer for me.

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