Problem Installing Service Studio

I'm trying to install everything on a laptop - Windows XP Professional SP3

The installer seems to be hanging whilst installing Service Studio

I started the installation about at 8:59 and it's now 9:39.

The last entry in the log is Installing 'Service Studio'  The installer is showing Installing OutSystems Service Studio.....

Anyone solved this? or any suggestions?
Hi Mike,

Can you please attach the logs you find here: %Program Files%\OutSystems\Installer\Logs
Hi João

Log file as requested.

Is this the only file you find in the logs directory?
Btw try to uninstall SS an run the installer then again.

It's the only log file in the Logs Folder.

There is a in the Installer Folder....

See attached.

BTW - I did uninstall and re-install - it stopped at exactly the same point,

Try downloading the installer again.
If that doesn't work I suggest that you contact the OutSystems Product Support.