"Adopt" Developers from Ukraine - Calling Global Partners to join forces

Hi Community,

I have to confess... I really don't know if this is the right place, the right way, but I decided to try.

And I know we have bigger OutSystems partners here that might help!

We are all watching what is happening in Ukraine, and I challenge you to 

close your eyes for one minute and just imagine you and your family in the same position.

Looking for a way to move and to protect your family and friends.

And I know, it's a long shot, I'm and know that I'm here in Brazil far from Ukraine, but it's worth trying. 

If you are an OutSystems Developer based in Ukraine, I would like to offer a place in Brasil (AIR BNB rental for a family of four), for 7 months at least and I guarantee a job position working as an OutSystems developer for the same period, in my team (English required for obvious reason).

I really don't have the expertise to provide VISA or Similar, and probably my legal team is having a heart attack now with this post, but I'm assuming in the next weeks, nations will provide some mechanisms around special visas for refugees.

Please, don't judge me for maybe my ignorance in assuming that this is feasible, due to restrictions of flights, borders etc... But I have to try...

But I'll only be able to "adopt" one Developer (family of four)...

And here is where I would like to ask for help for Delloite, Capgemini, Persistent, Accenture, DoIT Lean, Noesis, KinecIT, Everis, and other amazing partners on trying to help... (and YES; extending to OutSystems clients...) 

Especially the European ones, due to the Travel and Logistics factor...

So, if you are a Ukrainian OutSystems Developer, reply to this post with your LinkedIn profile, to provide a way for OutSystems partners and OutSystems clients to contact you.

Fingers crossed to help at least ONE FAMILY because they are part of the OutSystems Family.


If you want to prevent legal teams from having heart attacks, here are the legal links:

Portugal: https://www.iefp.pt/portugal-for-ukraine

UK: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/support-for-family-members-of-british-nationals-in-ukraine-and-ukrainian-nationals-in-ukraine-and-the-uk

Ukranians can travel freely in European Union until the end of 2022.



Truewind has open vacancies and welcomes applications from Ukraine that want to settle in Portugal and develop a career in low-code. 💙💛 Check the link here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/truewindit_we-are-hiring-truewind-careers-activity-6904368245546307585-ywAk

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That's an amazing initiative! Thanks, Rafa

Amazing Rafa!! 🙏

We also can share a lot the platform made by Portuguese guys that is Outsystems based, to help Ukrainian refugees find living support Worldwide.

You can register and place your initiative.



What a great idea Rafa, you can send this information through social media.

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