Zoom image which is displayed inside container in mobile app
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Hi All

I am using a mobile application. From an another web application, a html content is saved in an entity using a CKEditor. In my mobile application I am using the saved html in a container to display the record. The saved html contains certain text along with image. Although I can display the image and text of the html  inside a container, I have a requirement to zoom the image when user click on that image. Can anyone please suggest how to proceed with this scenario. Please let me know if any information required. Thanks.

Hi Vivek,

Have you tried using a pattern like the Lightbox Image https://outsystemsui.outsystems.com/OutsystemsUiWebsite/PatternDetail?PatternId=205 ?

Your requirement is about clicking the image, but this pan-zoom component from Forge might help as well


Hi Vivek,

You can do it with the help of two images on conditional display with close button. In this case you will have a fixed size of the zoomed image. 

If you need an incremental image that zooms on every click to a certain range let me know and I can develop something like that.




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