Download a document from PDF

Hey everyone,

I have a question. Is there a way to link a attachment to a expression and when u click on it then attachment wil be downloaded?

I added a list and made a server action with download file, but this dont work if its a PDF.

Doe anyone have a solution how i can download/open a attachment from a PDF?

Thanks, Stefan

Did you try using the Ultimate PDF?

You will need to create a screen where with Ultimate PDF actions you will pass the URL of that screen, if you want to click on an expression and download its content you can pass some input that identifies the content of that expression on the screen that you want to download as PDF.

Check the demo and see if you can understand the logic.

If this doesn't work or you see i didn't understand, let us know :)

Kind Regards,


Hi Márcio,

Thank you for your reply! Actually we are already using Ultimate PDF :)

I will try to make my use case more clear using an example.

Currently we are already able to create a pdf file.


We are developing an app thats sends out a confirmation email. This confirmation email contains a pdf file. Within this pdf file i would like to include attachments using an url. 

So this pdf should contain links that are clickable, and when clicking,  the file should be downloaded from the OS database.

Adding the attachments files(not just the url) to the pdf would rise issues when sending/receiving it. Because we expect that the attachments can go up to 100 MB

The question is how can we add an url to the pdf to download the attachments. And from a security perspective what are the best practices to achieve this.

Hopefully you can help me out with this :)

Hi Stefan,

Can you please share more details (screenshot of your server action or OML)?

Do you try to generate PDF then download it or you get PDF from resources or database?


please share the oml

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