[Firebase Web] Use Firebase on multiple environments - "Invalid grant: account not found"
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We used the Firebase Web version (because we need to do the Realtime Database update through API, not using the JS) on DEV.

Worked all very nice.

When deploying the application to the next environment (TST) we got error from GoogleApiToken. GetToken : "Invalid grant: account not found" while we used the same settings (site properties) as on DEV.

Is there a limit that only one environment can use the Firebase Project? Or Do I have to add something in the project?

As test I created a new firebase environment for our TST environment. With those settings I succeeded in pushing data to Realtime Data...

What are the "rules" with using the firebase connection. If it's locked to one server, how will it behave on a multiple frontend configuration (on PROD we have two frontends).

I hope you can shine some light on this topic.

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