Generate Powerpoint in Reactive web app
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I want to generate power point in reactive web application. Is there any component in forge or any videos I can refer to?

Hi Nikhila,

For generating the powerpoint presentation, you can use the below forge component. This will be working for both reactive and Traditional.

Genrate Power Point

And also I have added OML for your reference.


Mohamed Zubair Ahmed


I need to upload the data in a particular template. Is there any way we can do that?

Can you please elaborate on which data needs to be uploaded for a template?

I have table with the data and I want to populate the data into a power point template and I should be able to download it as a ppt file. Each row in the table should be on a separate slide.

Yes, you can please refer the code in oml that I have shared. If you are still not able to do so. Please share your oml. Let me try  it and revert back to you.

I cannot share my oml. I want to know how we can add styling to the ppt. In the oml you shared it does not have any styling.

You can add your style in Run Javascript inside generate ppt action.

Yes but the background color is not yellow even if I give font size its not changing

If you want to add the color and text. Please try with this forge component.

 PowerPoint Generator

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