employee quarter data auto carry forward till date 31-12-9999
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if there is employee data for FY22-Q4, those details will remain same till date 31-12-9999.

& if in case employee data is changed in FY23-Q3, that quarter data will remain same till  date 31-12-9999.

so there will be records like from FY22-Q4 to FY23-Q2 & FY23-Q3 to till date 31-12-9999.

Hi Shital,

I'm sorry, but can you explain better your problem so we can help you?

Maybe with code prints and/or OMLs too.


Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira

Hi Shital Darekar,

My name is Cristian, And I am helping in the forum with the intention of becoming an MVP, your like helps me a lot and even better if I manage to solve your issue.

Could you please provide a sample module so that we can try to reproduce the issue?

Best Regards,

As others pointed out, it is difficult to give you a suitable answer, on the basis of the description of the problem so far.

However, I assume you are talking about some records in the database. You could schedule a Timer running daily, checking, if the conditions are met and setting the corresponding values for the DateTime attributes accordingly.

Or if the calculation should happen when saving something in the database, you can run the logic then ;)

Btw in Outsystems 3000-12-31 is the max DateTime value, so you cannot set to anything higher than this.  https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_Language/Data/Data_Types/Available_Data_Types

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