[Base64 Utils] Benefit over builtin BinaryData API?
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Forge component by Leonardo Pires
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Hi Leonardo,

Can you elaborate what's the advantage of this component versus using the actions directly available in OutSystems via the BinaryData extension?

It has actions that convert Binary Data to/from Base64; and Text to/from Binary Data.

Hi Jorge Martins.

I understand your point of view, but for a novice user, it may be a little difficult to convert from binary to base64, and the component's purpose is to leave it in a more simplified way, and make it easier for the user to use.


Hi Jorge.

A component that simplifies the user's life by abstracting pre-existing functionality in the platform's BinaryData module (Text<->BinaryData<->Text/Base64 conversion functions), in order to facilitate Base64 conversion in a more simplified.


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