Add input field and save all the values in single list variable
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11.14.8 (Build 58515)


I need to increase 2 input field on on a button click and I need to save the values of those inputs in a single list variable, 

so that I can pass them to the API. Phone Type and Phone Number are two fields and whenever I click on add phone these two fields need to get increased and the values got from user needs to be saved in a single variable.

And also I need save the address details a in single list variable. I have four set of addresses and they are capturing in a different input boxes but I need to append them in a single variable and pass it to the API.

the address field is made up of using Wizard in out systems so please help me to finish this task

And also I need to display the values in the respective fields that is coming from the API if API has two address then it address block should be populated with values up to 2nd wizard and if they have 2 phone numbers then it needs to display two set of phone numbers fields

Thanks in advance

I have attached the screen of the screen for more understanding


Hi  Vishnupriya S,

My name is Cristian, And I am helping in the forum with the intention of becoming an MVP,
your like helps me a lot and even better if I manage to solve your issue.

Could you please provide a sample module so that we can try to help you?

I also want to indicate that the input parameters are defined from the service studio

now with the topic of adding the address to a list, you could use append list to add a value to a list. if you need to go through a list you could use the for search

I hope it helps you, tell me. Besr Regards CP.

Hi Cristian I'm new to outsystems and I can't able to share my module because of some security reasons. Can you help me out by sharing any of the simple oml.

I'll explain the core concept as like mentioned in the screen shot I need to populate the address as well as phone numbers from the API to the screen. If it has two or more phone numbers or address I need to show them with another set of field as like the above this is for phone number.

And for address if there are two or three addresses then the values need to be displayed in the wizards with respective to the numbers of the wizard.

the main thing is if user like to add more address or phone number they can click on the add phone or add address button and enter the data and save it. So I need to pass the new values along with the old values which is came from the API to the update API.

Vishnupriya S,
you have to learn the use of for each.
you have to learn list append.
In addition to the use of rest services and Soap.

The use of these elements will be of frequent use.

I know about the for each list append and Rest API services I have integrated the API and populated the response in screen also. I just want the screen to create two input fields whenever the button is clicked and those values needs to be passed to the update API using a single list variable

the first part is easy: create 2 inputs.

You can put them in the form and place them inside an if. when you click the button make the if true in order for your 2 controls to become visible.

The second part i don't understand. 

Vishnupriya S,

Please share an oml demo with the necessary parameters and interface so we can help you.

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