[Multiple File Upload] Javascript error: element not found drop
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Hi everyone, currently I'm working on a project that needs a dynamic form, basically users need to select what type of forms they want to submit and then I will ajax refresh the form from hidden state to seen state. But after ajax refreshing, there's an error pops up "An exception occurred in the client script. Error: element not found drop"

Here's the screenshot from the console

is there anybody facing the same issue? Thanks in advance!


Hi Ibnu,

You have probably hidden the drop area behind an if-statement and the system doesn't generate the drop area in the HTML page when the if-statement prevents the drop area from showing.

When you move the widget (webblock) with the javascript inside the same inf-statement together with the drop area, the javascript will be executed only when the drop area is generated and not the other way around.

Make also sure that the javascript part is generated after the drop area (this has to be existing for the JavaScript to work correctly).

Kind regards,


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