How to switch between the tenants correctly

Hi everyone,

I am currently developing a multi-tenant reactive web App, where I need to switch between the tenants to add some information to several entities.
So I tried to use the TenantSwitch Action to switch the tenant but I’m getting always a timeout connection, although I had increased the “Short operations timeout”.

Here Is the action-flow to TenantSwitch process, so first I log the current user out, then trying to switch the Tenant and log the user form the new tenant in. In the error log I got the error “Invalid username or password ”, but I sure that the username and password are correct . Also the debugger shows the correct TenantId as I want, but it get stocked by the action “TenantSwitch”.  I’m not sure if I am missing something.

Version 11.14.7 (Build 58100)

Thank you in advance

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