Calling external applications

Calling external applications

Hello all,

I planning to create a application using the Agile Platform that will execute external commands/applications (e. g. batch files).
Is this supported by the platform, or must I code this?

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Barbosa
Hi Pedro,

Is there really anything we can't do with this platform? Or with some extensions to it... :)

I've used this one in a project and it worked fine:

Hope that helps,
Hermínio Mira
Side note: I believe you will also need to grant permissions to the ASPNET / NETWORK SERVICE User to (at least) read and execute in the folder where the EXE you'll be launching resides (assuming it's not strictly inside the eSpace's deploy folder).


Hello Hermínio.

I tried to use the process extension but when I set the WorkingDir on the ProcessExecute action to "C:\Windows", for example, an exception is raised saying "The directory name is invalid ".
Can you help me?


The first thing that comes to mind is what Miguel Melo has mentioned about user permissions on the folder, try to either check this permissions or create a sample folder and test it on that new folder.

Hermínio Mira