bypass human Activity Under Processes

Hi All,

I have built a few processes, i have assigned human activity to few of them the question is, if i put a simple button to by pass a specific activity based on a condition how i can do it? i tried to use the actioned assigned to the button and i had draged the Close_ManagerApproval Activity but it is not bypassing this activity, only i can close this activity from the task box which i do not want?

Kindly advise.
Hello Ahmad, 

If you right click the human activity in the process tree, you have an option called "Add On Close". This is where you put your condition, an error is raised if it is not met. This action executes everytime you close an activity, through the taskbox or using the ActivityClose system action.

If you want to close/skip the activity through your webscreen with a custom button, use ActivityClose or ActivitySkip System actions. To add these actions to your eSapce you have to click the add/remove references button in service studio, under (System) eSpace.

If you have any questions drop me a line.

Hope this helps. 
Thank you Andre, i tried in outsystem 5.1 but i could not find the reference for this action under system?

Appreciate your help.
Oh Sorry! I assumed you were using version 6.

In that case you can find the actions under the built-in actions folder.

Hope it helps.
Thank you very much for your help but in this case how i can pass the activity id from where i can get it? and do i have to handle nexthumanactivityid somewhere?

Thank you in advance for your help
Each human activity in your process flow points to a webscreen, create an input variable in your webscreen called ActivityId with type Activity Identifier.

Then pass in the humanActivity's ActivityId.

Now you have access to the activityId in your webscreen actions.

Hope it helps.