[Circuit Breaker Portal] [Bug] Changing IsActive of a CircuitBreaker is not working
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Forge component by Vicky Mekes
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Hi Team,

First of all very nice work on this component! It's a nice way to prevent (lots of) unnecessary api calls to a service of which already is known that it's down. Though, while i was implementing the solution i discovered a bug in the Portal which i think could easily be improved.

In the attached image you see the first assignment in the "CheckboxOnChange" is changing the current state of the IsActive variable and then updates it with the Service Action. But since IsActive variable is already assigned to the checkbox, this results in the property not changing. I think the assignment can be removed. And possibly also the refresh of the aggregate can be removed since the correct value is already shown in the screen?

Hopefully my explenation is clear, you agree and you can implement the fix to make it work for everyone! :)

Like to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Jobbe Maas

Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 13.11.45.png

Hi Jobbe,

Thank you very much for finding the bug and using our component! I agree, and removed the assign and the data refresh. 

Kind regards,

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