[OutSystems Charts Web] OutSystems Charts Web Version 1.1.4 - Charts no longer Rendering
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Noticed that once I upgraded to 1.1.4 and refreshed my modules with Charts that they were no longer displaying.

Getting this error in the browser: 

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'

Reverted back to Version 1.1.3 and refreshed my modules and they started working again.

Hi @Clayton Heick 

Could you please describe your use case?
Type of Charts you're using and if possible a module with that issue being reproducible? 
Thank you in advance.


We are having the same exact issue.  I've attached a test OML which demonstrates the error.  You will notice two charts on the page - one with AdvancedFormat applied and one without.  The one with AdvancedFormat fails in the new version.

I have verified that both charts load on an older version of the Charts app.

Hope this helps!



I tried to run you codein my personal environment.
Are you sure that you have inserted a valid JSON configuration?

I don't think that you have a valid configuration.

This configuration worked for me.


    chart: {        type: 'pie'    },

    title: {        text: 'Primary desktop/laptop screen readers'},

    subtitle: {        text: 'Subtitle'    }


The Highcharts provably changed a bit.

You can look for any pleasing HighCharts configuration here:

I can confirm that with version 1.1.4 you now must include the outer curly braces in the ChartformatJSON for it you work, as seen below:

In previous versions you did not need this for the chart to function.

This appears to be the solution - I added the extra set of curly braces and it's working!  

Also, the curly brace has to be right after the quote with no whitespace.  I tried the format below and it failed






Having fixed this issue, there are additional issues with charts not rendering despite them working in the previous version. My final solution is to simply revert back to the previous version since this new version has broken so many things with zero references to what was changed.

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