how to move a div or popup on the screen

I need to drag this div on the screen to be able to see the data behind it, but I'm not getting it, could someone help me?


Hi Thauany,

My name is Cristian, And I am helping in the forum with the intention of becoming an MVP, your like helps me a lot and even better if I manage to solve your issue.

there is a component in the forge that allows you to drag elements. I have only tried this with images, but it will surely work for you too.


you tell me


Cristian, thanks, but my project does not use reactive, is there another way to do this?


Cristian Angel Puma Villalva

This is good component but context is movable popup not drag and drop controls in reactive app.

Hello Thauany ,

Are you using traditional or reactive?

Can you share your .oml ?

Anyway I created an example for you using the traditional popup::


.OML attached, see the Birds screen.

Hope it helps.



Agno has a way to do this with some javascript or CSS code?

Because I actually use a modal and not a popup

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