Partitioning large tables is supported ?

We have large tables with blob columns occupying large space in database.

Our DBA's suggested best practices for maintaining and performance improvement.

Could anyone clarify if this is supported when altering in database

1. Partitioning the tables 

2. Allocate separate tablespace for the large tables in database  

Does this impact deployment of solutions or the deployment will discard the changes made on backend ?

Platform version - 10.0.604.0

Stack - Java

Database - Oracle 12.2

Hi Prabhu,

It will be support because the partition on the Oracle database does not change the side of the application. Oracle handles internal partitions based on criteria.



Thanks Shahaji for your reply.

Do you have thoughts about table space as well ? 

From what I understood is table space is assigned to user specified in fast installer properties. Could we maintain separately outside similar to partition ?

Yes. tablespace and partition both are oracle internal activity there is no impact on application.



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