Searching a list with multiple input fields
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Hello! I'm working on an app where I need to implement an "advanced search" option. Problem is, the logic behind it seems quite complex and i dont really know how to do it. How can i achieve that so if the user inputs 4 fields of input (firstname, lastname, country,  address for example) the app displays the right result from the list that matches the users inputs?

The data im using, comes from an external source so i do not have database in outsystems.


Too less info to be able to help you.

Do  the external source supports multiple filters, or you have to use the "list filter"?

If you use the "list filter" is just fill the "condition" parameter : 

(FirstNameInput = ""  or  FirstNameInput = ListFirstname) and 

(lastnameInput = ""  or  lastname Input = Listlastname ) and 


Hope this give you some ideas


Yes, im using listfilter.  Thanks for your reply, this helped me to solve the problem

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