Web Block Star Rating

I have taken star hollow and Star filled respectively but still getting some prob.

please check it out and suggests.


Here is your Answer ,


Thank you Aman but i have some other problem

Hi Manorama,

You should explain bit more to get help from forum, like what things you tried what is the error you are facing, you have provided only OML, along with OML also add some expalnation to get it more clear.



Hi Komal

Actually i have created movie and Movie Detail .I have Created Web block for star rating for a Movie.

so star sign is different when i am taking hollow star, its created filled and vice versa.

second problem i am not able to rate 5 star. its always giving 1 out of 5. There is no such Error but not showing desired output/hope you understand.

Hi, I have added my OML of movies exercise, please check in attached OML, may you find your answer,

 Regards, Komal


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