How to dynamically change display name of mobile app?
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Is there a way to dynamically change the display name under the icon of a mobile app based on settings from the device (locale/language setting) AND/OR settings made within the app?

For Example: My phone is in Dutch it displays "Nederlands" and when my phone is in French it displays "Français" underneath the icon.

You can enable geolocation. Find countries using geolocation and assign a mobile app.



@Shahaji Nangare we don't want the display name of the application to be based on the geolocation but on the default device language.
In our application we support 3 languages, say, A, B and C. If the default language of the phone is A, we want the display name of the application to be in language A, and so on... If the default language of the phone is none of our supported languages, we just want it to be A.
We re talking about the name of the application in the application overview screen of your phone, that is, before you open the app.


Hi Bram,
At very first an interesting question/requirement; 1 like for your question!

Please refer to the Cordova repository; this will meet your requirement.

- The only risk I see is; compatibility of this repo with the latest standards as per MABS 8.0
- But you can clone the same with a new repo to make it compatible.

Good Luck,

Hi Assif,

Thanks for the fast reply, I read through it and it's something I'll look into further, however I've noticed this is only for iOS. It could at least solve half of my problem, if I get it up and running. It says It's not working yet so we'll see how far it'll get us. I'll try to keep you posted on my progress here.

If in the meantime you or we find an Android solution, let's also post it here!

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Hello Bram,
Sure will be happy to assist on same.

Good Luck

You use the localization, Native support is already available in Reactive and Mobile Apps (Platform Server - 11.10.0 or higher),

Hi Shahaji,

Thanks for replying, the built-in localization translation only covers what's inside the application and we're already using it. I'm talking about the display name on the device, which is outside the app.

Kind regards


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