📖📖 Where is the TODO mobile application course?📖📖📖

Hello everyone,

I was looking for the 32-hour mobile application course, where the Todo application is developed, and I can't find it.

Does anyone know what happened, I remember that in 2018 Outsystems(10) it was there and if I remember correctly in 2020 too but now I can't find it?


Thank you for your time.


Do you remember how this TODO App looked like? Just could find this screenshoot on Wayback Machine

Hi Anderson!

If it was like that. I find it strange that it is no longer here.

Today I wanted to share it with a colleague who is new to outsystems.

from what I see until 2020 it is available, because they would have removed it.

it was a great course.

Considering the name of the project (Movies Assignment), I assume It would be similar to the OSMDB application made in the Traditional Web Guided Path - which could also be done in Reactive with no problems. 

There was an event on last March 2 where Rui did an app to present OS for a new public. The same event gonna happens again on March 24 and in the end it suggest people to try an 'Instagram Clone' in order to practise more, so maybe it could be interesting for your colleague!

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