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Hello All,

When I create index on any column e.g. I have customer entity having Id column with data type as long integer and Is auto Number is - Yes.
If I create indexing on this table without unique property to set as yes, which type of index it will create clustered or nor clustered?

& how can i create clustered & non-clustered index?

Hi Pradip,

OutSystems doesn't allow composite keys in tables, you can only choose one identifier, therefore the index assigned to the key will be a clustered index. All other are non-clustered indexes.


You can't chose between the two in Outsystems it handles it automatically, also you can only ever have one clustered index in a database table. Looking at the created tables in SQL Management studio below is how it works

When an auto increment fiend is created that field is set as the primary key which is clustered. Using the default pattern for creating entities this will be the ID field unless you manually change it. As an Auto Increment field it is by definition unique.

If you are using a multi tenant database a second non clustered index is automatically created for the tenant_id field and any other index you create will automatically have the tenant_id field added to it.

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