AWS3 push file on specific folder or path
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Hi All,

I am facing a issue while upload a file on AWS3 server. I am using AWS3Extention to push and pull file.

Problem is while uploading a file I need to pass BucketName, Key and FilePath.

so my BucketName is - CompanyName

File path - BucketName/FolderName/FileName.pdf

but file is not push on specific folder.

How can I do it.

Thanks In Advance.




Hi Piya,

when you want push on specific folder you need to pass folder name with bucket name.

and File Path will contain only Filename.

BucketName - BucketName/FolderName

it will push file on specific folder inside bucket.

Hope this will help you.


Deepa Tiwari

Thanks Deepa for quick reply will check and inform.

Hi Deepa,

Thanks Its working as expected .



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