Changing Time out time of application

Hi Team,
I need to change the time out/Log out time of the application.
I am facing issues such that when i am clicking some button or pages that leads to change in screen, the application is getting logged out.
Could you please confirm what i can do to change this issue 


Hey @saif sheikh !

Look at this post.

You can change on the module

Or on the action that is retrieving your data.

But is better to be on the action or specific place that is taking you too long to get the data. If you change the module, any server action will get that time limit too.

Kind Regards,


Hi  Márcio Carvalho,
Thank you for your Swift Reply,

Applied the desired changes on the application and changed it to 50 seconds. Hoping it doesn't get logged out when i click on buttons leading to other screens.


I have made Changes yet
I have been facing time out issues on one particular location
when i click the review button in audit workboard. it time outs and throws me to login page  most of the time.. Could you please help.


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