How to create an API Consume/Expose

Hi Team,
Need help for consuming and exposing API from scratch -for a table.
Looked up in documentation andsome videos on Youtube. Unfortunately none helps a beginner to do it from scratch.
Could anyone please help me out ?


Hi Saif,

this User Group session is very complete regarding REST API integration:


Hi  José Gonçalves,
Thank you for your Swift reply. However, the link is taken down i suppose. I have also attended this session. Unfortunately the 2nd part of the session was far quick paced for a beginner.


You can view it on youtube, it is working well. All session is available.

Hi José Gonçalves ,
I have figured out how to expose data using get method with the help of your suggested link but the details explained in later half of the video for Consume is not well explained. Could you suggest what i can do to learn consume Api

She uses Stripe  Api  which is pre- present when she starts the video.
Hence, wont be of much use....
Could you suggest something else please

Google more about it, there's a lot of videos, sessions, tech talks about it. Just google it and you'll find what you want.

The expose part of the query is resolved and hence marking this as solution. Although Consume API is still pending. 

raising a new question for the same


Hi Saif,

Welcome to the community.

Check the below course and documentation as well for reference, it's really helpful. 


Manish Jawla

Hi Manish the official documentation has some pre- created files and hence as a result they wont be useful for complete beginners i suppose. Thank you for your inputs. Could you please suggest something for learning how to consume API . i have figured out how to expose- Get

Hello Saif,

actually one of guy already asked about rest API and there was some forge component to explain or give demo of consuming rest API. Please go through this below link.

May be this will helps you.

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

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