Dropdown search advanced formatting not working


The advanced formatting on the dropdown search seems to be not working. I have a list of 8 items coming from a static entity and I append these to the DropdownItem list structure. All values are present in the list and searchable in the dropdown but not all are shown. I only see 7 results in my dropdown. 

I have already added the advanced format 


This has no effect. Anyone have an idea on why this is happening and how to fix it? 



Hi Max,

Have you checked other areas as well like filter condition and static entity have IsActive attribute?

Please check once as well or can share oml or images.

Hi Rahul,

Yeah I have checked everything. If I search for the options that are not appearing in the list when first opened, they will show up. So it is not a data issue, more a display issue. 



Hi Max,

I have created same way as you said can you check it because i am able to find all values.


Yeah that is the problem, it should work but it doesn't...

Hi @Max de Groot ,

As I re-implemented same scenario, I 'm getting values.

Can you please share your OML here.
so that I can check it where exactly the issue you are facing.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

I can't share the OML, company policy. Besides that we are using a custom template that holds some CSS for the dropdown as well. I already checked with the front end developer of the team but nothing came out just yet. Hence my question if anyone has an idea on what could be 'overwriting' the advanced formatting and other general setting given to the dropdown.

No Problem @Max de Groot.

I have added 25 records and all records were displaying.

I'm sharing my OML so that you can check it as reference.
Please find the below attached OML.

Link : DEMO of shared OML

Please let me know if this helps.
I hope this helps and you'll get a solution.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy


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