How to start working with multiple team members on outsystems

Hi Team,
I am working as a front end Developer on a project and my out systems environment is a personnal environment - my url of id

We are developing the project from scratch.
We will have people coming in from next week for back end and front end development.

Since Sharing .oml files wont be the ideal way forward in terms of development - 

My questions are-
How to have a Shared Workspace for the people coming in.

How should i make sure to have a smooth environment for development

Are there any charges for Shared workspace or is it free of cost?

any more tips/experiences are most welcome..


Hi Saif,

The Personal Environment is meant for non-commercial use only. If you want to develop commercial software, you need an OutSystems licence. If you do not obtain an OutSystems licence for commercial work, and try to use Personal Environments for that, you are in violation of the Terms of Use. Please have your project manager contact your regional Sales Office to acquire a licence.

Thank you @Kilian Hekhuis ,

Its already in place....
Could you  tell me more about it and other things i should definitely know about.

I am new to Outsystems  Any inputs would be great. Also if you would like to contribute about the shared workspace.. that would be perfect

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