Extended HTML Attibutes not working

I'm developing a Reactive Web App and I'm trying to set an extended property in a cointainer but once deployed it's not created in the HTML code.

As you can see I've defined a Container widget called container1 which has an Attribute called "Inventado" with value "contenido1"

When I open the web I can see the generated div that represents the container, it has the id="container1", but it doesn't have the attribute "Inventado".

It's that my missundertud about how the Attributes works? Or it's a bug in OS?



I understand what you are saying, but what is the need of adding that attribute?

These are the attributes (if I am not mistaken) that you can possibly use in the HTML element.


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Hi Márcio,

First of all thanks for your quick response. 

I'm building a site to view training videos and I need to call a server action once the video triggers the "ended" event in the JavaScript to report that the user has saw the video. 

The problem I found is that I only have the video "src" attribute and I need the video Id to identify univocally in the server side.

I though about adding the video Id as a new html attribute. But I was wrong thinking that I can invent the attribute name. As you said I can only use an existing HTML attribute. In my case I've used the "data-*" attribute.

Thanks again for your help!


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