send sms to mobile phone or letter

send sms to mobile phone or letter

Hello people..!

handcuff know how to implement a functionality that my application sends menssangem (SMS) for mobile phones (or a phone book) and also send letters.

I intend that my application to send messages (SMS) for mobile phones, and letter identical to sending emails to email addresses.

can help me ..
Hi Nilson,

To learn how to use the email functionality, I suggest you start by going through the Send an email How to. You can find it in the How To's sub-tab inside the outsystems tab in Service Studio 6.0. You can also look at the Campaigns app to see it in action.

As for SMS, though the usage mechanics aren't exceedingly complicated, it does have a slightly bigger learning curve than email, especially if you want to allow the recipient to reply back using an SMS. In this case will need to learn how SMS Flows work and I suggest you search for "Design SMS Flows" from within Service Studio. Please note that to use SMS you will need to have an SMS Gateway configured which is not a trivial matter (as well as access to an SMS Center).