need to make status using Time line Widget.

i made the static entity of Status of Doctor booking which is having record of booked,cancled,prescribe and finished . which i want to show on time line widget. i used but it is showing me only last updated status of booking.

Screenshot (198).png

Hello saurabh, 

you information is quite short to get what the exact problem is caused but at first look there are two possiblity you are getting this

- you are passing current record (to timeline item without timeline list)

- max property of your entity set to 1 

if this is not, better can you share some oml  or POC to help you quickly on this

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


If what you want is for all status changes to appear, for example:

Booked 8am;

Prescribed 8:30 am;

Finished 9 am;

You need to create a helper entity that logs the status changes (and use the create action every time there is a change) and then present this list of data in the widget.

hi Mariana Junges 

plz give me oml if you have it will help to build.


I didn't have anything ready. But I made an example for you.

Let me know if it helped.


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