Reactive App - JSWidget (Call back from external page to outsystems flow)
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11.14.10 (Build 59113)

Hi Guys,

Regarding Reactive web application, I have a question about JSWidget.
In my application i call external page of some company no outsytems using JS code,
I just want to back to some flow in outsystems.


Hi @Suellington Gomes,

can you share the javascript code you used? Are you exiting the current screen?

What do you mean to go back to flow in outsystems? Have you tried debugging to see what happens after javascript 's node?

Hi @Suellington.

If you tried required a external .js, you can use the action RequireScript (add depenedecies on system), or you can create a script on folder script, later required the Js on your page.

Now you need create event OnReady to require actions or methods to call the method on your script in JsWidget


Hi @Suellington Gomes,

Not sure if this will help, but in OutSystems Reactive applications, it's possible to add and run JavaScript in:

  • Client Actions (in Screens and Blocks);
  • Global Client Actions (Logic layer);
  • Module;
  • Blocks;
  • Screens.

They run in this specific order:

  1. Module;
  2. Block;
  3. Screen.

Client actions are equivalent to methods. JavaScript inside Client Actions runs when the actions are executed (event driven).

In the JavaScript code you declare variables, assign values, call Client Actions using "$actions" predefined object (synchronously or asynchronously).

Scripts can be set as Public (or not) and scripts are reusable.

To run JS defined in a Block, it needs to be instantiated in a Screen. To run it on demand, use a JS node in the screen Client Action.

Please let me know if this helped you in any way!



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