Sort functionality not working.
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 I have used OnSort client action on the table and also the table attritube that has to be sorted is having sort attribute in place. The steps I have taken as below:-

  •  Have assigned table header default values by column name
  • Created OnSort Event and passed the name of the column

Data action is being used instead of aggregates, to fetch data from multiple tables

I am trying to refresh the DataAction with TableSort Filter, but cannot see any changes happening at the UI.

I also tried using ListSort as output of data action in List form. ListSort has a parameter called Ascending, so gave default value as True, still could not see the changes in the List.

I need to know what am I missing here which is causing the up-down sort buttons on UI not to work.

I cannot do much without an OML but have a look at this article

There is a good explanation how to sort using data action

Let me know if it helps.

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