[Embedded Scanner Plugin] scanner not working for barcodes
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I tried the plugin and  it works great for QRCodes but doesn't respond when I try to scan a barcode.  For our client we need to be able to scan barcodes as well. In the design we got  the scanner is embedded. If we also could scan barcodes this would be great. Can this be fixed?

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Hi Geert,

I had the same problem.

The solution is easy, you need to change a little bit the QRScanner.swift file (inside src/ios) with the following code:

Line 156: metaOutput!.metadataObjectTypes = [AVMetadataObject.ObjectType.qr, AVMetadataObject.ObjectType.ean13]

Line 241:         if (found.type == AVMetadataObject.ObjectType.qr || found.type == AVMetadataObject.ObjectType.ean13) && found.stringValue != nil {

After doing this, you cannot use the plugin anymore from GIT. You need to wrap your plugin into a ZIP file and change your extensibility properties. For more information on how to proceed with that, please see detailed information here.

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