Configure eSpaces to Apps in 6.0

Configure eSpaces to Apps in 6.0

hi all,

how to configure more than 2 Espaces in the same APP, this is for 6.0 platform. When I set an espace as application it only has room for inserting its backoffice espace.

I do not know if it makes sense to set up several spaces to an application

e.g. frontOffice, eSpace1,
eSpace2, eSpace3, BackOffice (all these spaces belong to the same application)


Daniel Maia

Hi Daniel,

Usually what you do is to have an application eSpace (which has the menu), and then with it open in Service Studio you create a new module for it. This will make an eSpace that uses the same theme, menu and login and exceptions flow:

You'll probabily want to then modify the menu in the application eSpace to include a link to public web screen in that module.

To stage this between environments you can group the relevant eSpaces in your application as components inside a solution (leaving system components just as dependencies). 

Tiago Simões