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Anyone can teach me how to download a pdf file or excel from Mobile app?

Let say i have few pdf and excel file store in shared drive in path like X:/Documents/A/fffffff.xls     X:/Documents/A/xxxxxx.pdf    X:/Documents/A/cccccc.pdf         X:/Documents/A/gggg.xls

This files path also capture in the Table STOREFILELOCATION

File name                pathlocation

fffffff.xls                   X:/Documents/A/

xxxxxx.pdf                X:/Documents/A/

cccccc.pdf                 X:/Documents/A/

gggg.xls                    X:/Documents/A/

As a Outsystems mobile app, how to click it and download to the mobile phone? then user able to open and read.

I know that is some plugin can use. I don't know how to call and apply, like path location what to put, and save into which path (i know mobile store location is different than PC file path). Anyone can share me the sample?

Thank you



Hi @jing tung wong ,

Good to help you!

1. Create one server action and call your aggregate data which you want to download a Excel.
Here in my example I'm taking Sample Database Product Entity.

2. Install this plugin in your environment. Add dependencies as well of client action named as Save File

3.. In Screen Create one button name it as Download Excel call the server action that created on Top.

Inside Button's client action call Above created server action and save file client action from file plugin 

To the client pass the needed Binary file and file name.

I hope this helps.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

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