[CKEditor.Reactive] Why I'm getting two ckEditors on one screen.
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I've placed the ckEditor in my block but it is showing two Ckeditor.

Hi @Saransh ,

Can you post your code here so we can check.

Have you checked your code you are using single time of block in screen?

here I've placed it.

no deepa that is something confidential. But any idea why it is happening?

there is one possible way - 

The TestBlock is used two times on screen thats why two ckEditor show.

You can check with browser console if two id generate with same name.
or try to create one demo application and use this Editor if same problem happing than something in js issue.
But I am also using in my project but its working fine.

Yes you were right @Deepa Tiwari

Now how will I remove that???

It is solved now, issue was - I was using ckEditor in if condition. Now I've placed it seperately.

@Deepa Tiwari thanks for your inputs.


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