Double click and make open the items list profile in other page

Hi, im here for a universety project,

Is it possible to double-click in a items list, (ive checked before and it is possible to use the "reactiveautocomplete", but in other version of outsystems), beside the solution i said before is there any other way around?

Other thing, is it possible to open a profile page, and make the boxes inside that page edible?

Thank you for your attention,

Francisco Alves

Hello Francisco José Ferreira Alves,

Sorry, I am not that clear with your requirement, can you explain it in detail?

Meanwhile, for the list items - you can add on click action.

for 2nd point: It's possible to open a page and edit the details.

Does it need to be a double click? Considering the image you shared in the other topic, you could make the the 2nd column / 'edit profile page' as a web block, so it would change everytime you click in other 'profile / atleta'. Or you mean to have the profile page non-editeable and only when click somewhere a modal for example would open to you edit the info? It wasn't very clear

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