How to sync personal development progress to enterprise level development in outsyste

Hi Everyone,

Working on the newly created Enterprise customer portal.

Requesting help on how to approach this. Can i sync my personal development id with this or do i need to install ad start from scratch. These are the things on agenda. 



When you created your personal account it came with your personal enviroment. The personal account also serves as your OutSystems community account.

If you are onboarded on an enterprise infrastructure, than on that infrastructure you will have another IT user account. 

Your personal account and IT user account per enterprise infrastructure are not connected/related to each other.



HI Daniel,

Thank you for swift reply.
Does that mean that i need to start building things from scratch irrespective of the progress made on my personnel id. Also, does working with a hybrid model in enterprise wont allow me to sync progress?


Yes, you cannot copy your personal environment code to an enterprise environment.

Hello Saif,

I got your concern, As Daniel mentioned you cannot sync your personal environment with an enterprise account.

But after completing the Onboard task, you can export the applications you developed in your personal environment and import them to the enterprise environment. You will not lose any of the work that you have completed in your personal environment.

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Well not sure about that; there is IPP, and there is the fact that personal environments are on the latest platform version, and your enterprise environments might not be. This sometimes causes modules to not be able to be published due to new introduced concepts in the latest platform version

Thanks Daniel.

It's great information. I will add this to my knowledge base.

Before replying to Mr. Saif, I tried from my side to achieve the solution, and it worked fine.

So, I suggested to him this solution, But I totally agree with you. The solution might have worked for me in a particular case, where it was a small test application.

Thank you 

Muhammed Riyas  Daniël Kuhlmann

Created a new application in enterprise development id to complete the checklist posted in earlier screenshot

Facing error mentioned in below

Went to the ipp rights link. uploaded the new application along with the activation code and published the application. Facing update issues  with the check in list which is making me skeptical if what i did is the best way to do it or i am missing something.

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