Passowrd Complexity in Users Module.


We are currently using OutSystems Built In Authentication Provider for our external users and managing the users (Create and Update) using the OutSystems User Application. However we have strict password policies to be implemented while creatting new users, however the current password policy on OutSystems User application is very simple and cannot be changed.

Is there a way to apply password complexity in Users Module?

Thank you!

Hello Daniyar,

Please go through the following discussion hope it helps you.!


Pavan R

Hi @Daniyar Ablaissov,

You cannot modify the complexity of Users module as it is read only.. You can apply the rule in logic by cloning the module and use the cloned user module as a user provider for your application.

else, add logic to your application, to set complex password if the user login to the application for the first time. 

Thanks, Aadhavan S



All Users configuration is done in Service Center on the Users module:

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