Reactive APP with reference to Traditional APP

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I understand that there are no session variables in reactive so we are stuck with client ones that are not secure.

I  am looking to reference a traditional app from my reactive app to make use of session variables.

1. Created 2 server actions: set session variable an get session variable.

2. Referenced those from my reactive app. 

When i set the value of session variable i see it being actually set as i can see this in the debugger. But when i try to get it it's already empty.

My question is: why is that happening and can i use an extension maybe to set session variables?
My main goal is to be able to access some variables that would be sensitive and be used throughout the application. Any input appreciated


A solution could be create an entity where you keep your values . 

Something like :


Guid  ( that is unique ) ;

Variable ;


A client variable would receive the "Guid" and not the actual variable value, and the value can be retrieved when necessary through simple aggregate. 

Just an idea. 



Hi Alex,

You are correct client variables are not secure as they are stored in client side and Unfortunately you cannot use session variables of traditional app from react as the main module is react and it doesn't support sessions.

May be you can store the sensitive information in database against the user. or you can encrypt the data in server side with some strong algorithm and than store in client variable and again decrypt it as server side.

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thank you for your input

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