Ajax refresh not updating table

Ajax refresh not updating table


I'm looking for a mechanism to refresh my page every 15 seconds. The data is fetched from Oracle via an extension.

I found 2 ways

1/ in the preparation add the following JavaSript:
function timedRefresh(timeoutPeriod) {

This method works, but you see the screen updating.
2/ I've added a button on screen and I'm launching the click event every 15 seconds.
This flow is launched:

In the GenerateListRefresh action, I'm first running the extension to get the data and I'm doing some formatting. This same action (GenerateList) is used in option 1 above (using the JS reload of the page). This part looks fine. The record list contains that new data.
After the ajax refresh however, the screen isn't updated.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Try to add a local variable with the same type of the output of the action, then after the action, assign its output to the variable and refresh the table record.
Remember that the local variable must be assigned to the table record source record list, also if you use your action on preparation, you should also assign its output to the local variable.


You've put me on the right track by drawing my attention to the record that is bound to the table. I was assigning the local variable used in the preparation flow to my table in both cases, so also in the GenerateListRefresh action.
Bottom line: I was using the wrong variable.

Thanks for the hint.