The PopUp is not displaying all the information.
Application Type
Platform Version
11.15.0 (Build 35089)

    Hello, I'm having a problem with the popup that would be... it's not displaying all the information.

    The image above shows how it looks in my IDE, and the image below shows how it looks in the Browser.

    Is it a bug?


Hi @Akihiko Hoshide 

Check the Height property of the Popup widget, it should be auto to fit in and adjust the contents automatically. If any explicit CSS property is added to override the normal height verify that. 

Another thing is your using the Popup widget inside Utilities/Align Center, Instead, you can use the Popup widget separately it will appear in the Center of the screen default.

Try following the above methods. Hope it helps!


Saravanan Santhanam.

Thanks!! @Saravanan S

I could fixed it thanks to your adivece.

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