Convert Date time to Timestamp
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11.14.12 (Build 59645)


  I am working on Calendar application, and I have the following code to convert Date time to Timestamp: 


The function DiffSeconds will work only for dates up to 2037 . Is there any way to convert to Timestamp using another function / logic ?
Are there any plans to upgrade the method to Long Integer or decimal?

Hi Savvas,

I have cross check DiffSeconds functions at my end and it is working properly. I have used below two dates -


I am getting below result from above code - 97100726400 

Also validated results as below -



Thanks for your reply! Nice, the method is not  limited with int 32.  I change my function output parameter to decimal and everything working as expected!

If you know , the unexpected values comes only when using integer variable ? 

On a similar note, I created this simplified expression that returns the current UNIX timestamp:

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