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Hi All,

I have one problem in my data and I want to update by SQL.

Data is like-

[30-01-2022] This is test record. [02-02-2022] This is dummy record.

[30-01-2022] This is test record.

<p>This is dummy data </p>

But I need to update it like this way-

<p>[30-01-2022] This is test record.</p> <p> [02-02-2022] This is dummy record.</p>

<p>[30-01-2022] This is test record.</p>

<p>This is dummy data </p>

I have another way where I can create Action/Timer and fetch this record and do loop and add string update record one by one but its a long process I want do it by SQL Update command.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance




Why do you want to add  HTML markup to your data? Generally speaking, you always want to separate representation and data. Why not read the data and when need to be presented on a page parse it to include the <p> and <p> html tag for each sentence?



Hi @Daniël Kuhlmann

I have a screen which and download this data to word format by JS .

So p tag is show as bullet points that why i need to update it.

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