How to navigate to another page by clicking an item in Donut Chart?


I have a Donut Chart which shows the population of a country by State in my main screen.

If I click on a particular State in the Donut Chart, I would like to navigate to another screen which uses the same State ID as parameter. The second screen will show me two Pie Charts which are by Gender and Religion of that State (from the main screen).

May I know how can I achieve this? Can someone advise?


Hi KL,

Please find the attached oml file as per your requirements.

On DonutChart you need to set clickable property value as a True and you need to create DonutChartOnClick handler. In DonutChartOnClick  handler you will get DataPoint as a input parameter. You can use its value as a input parameter of other screen.


Hi Vinod,

It works good, the State ID is passed as parameter for pie charts in second screen.

However, after I click onto State A and it will direct me to that State A's gender and religion information, when I click "Go back" and back to the main screen, it doesn't navigate me to State B if I click on the State B item in the pie chart. 

Do you have any idea on this not directing issue?

Appreciate your help.

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