How to use a regex expression to validate a password  in a traditional web logic

Hi everyone,

I'm learning Outsystems and so i'm new at it. I've been doing a project with traditional web and i'm trying to validate a password with a regex. It as already worked but suddenly it as stopped working.  I only need at least 8 characters (between digits, letters and special characters). Can anyone help me with the regex expression for it and tell me how to implement in the logic please?

Kind Regards.

Hi Susana,

The regex that you have is working correctly. Kindly find attached oml and check the password regex match. IF you have any special case that is not working than kindly share the strings.

We need to use regex_search method and it takes regex pattern , string to validate and few other inputs and it gives output found as bool. If the string matches the pattern than it gives true other wise false.

There are few online tools available in that you can create the regex expression below are few links.

Hope this will help you,

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